Executive Profile

Robert J. Swiderski, President

“Real Estate is the Pulse in My Veins”

Robert has been a licensed broker since 2003 and property manager since 2009.   He worked for The Corcoran Group, Douglass Elliman Property Management and First Service Residential, where he was on the team that managed 432 Park Avenue, NYC; the tallest residential building in the western hemisphere.

Sensing the larger companies tended to put the needs of the company ahead of the needs of their clients, Robert “borrowed” what was working for the larger companies, eliminated what wasn’t, added his devotion to customer service mixed with honesty and created RealTegrity, “Property Management with Integrity”,  in January, 2018.

Coalescing over 16 years’ experience in many areas of real estate, Robert and the RealTegrity team strive to bring a high level of customer service, experience and integrity to the real estate and property management industry.

A Team Approach

Through RealTegrity, Robert has also pioneered a Team Approach to property management.  The Customer Care Officer, Financial Analyst and any additional Admin assigned to an account will tour the properties they are assigned to with the Property Manager at least once a year. 



This gives everyone in the “back-office” an opportunity to meet building staff, board members, and residents to help ensure people and property are never seen as just “numbers on a spreadsheet”.  This approach also gives the back-office team additional insight to the nuances and uniqueness inherent in every property, which translates into a customized experience for each of RealTegrity Property Managements’ clients. 

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